Decorative Trays help you organize your home with style.

Tray Chic: How to Decorate & Organize With Decorative Trays

Style meets function: A decorative tray is your decorating companion, keeping objects organized and pretty!  Large or small, a stylish tray can serve many functions in your home. Put yours to work with our list of ideas how to use a decorative tray.  Shop our beautiful selection of acrylic trays in three sizes: Square 12" x 12"; Rectangle 8.5" x 11" or 11" x 17". 

1. Centerpiece or Vignette Tray: Show off objects you love styled with a beautiful tray as the base.

2. Large Coffee Table Tray: Keep your magazines and books organized. 

Large decorative coffee table and serving tray with a blue nautical sea coral print.


3. Jewelry Tray: A beautiful tray to store your beloved "everyday jewelry".

Jewelry Tray to organize and display your everyday beloved pieces.

4. Entryway Catch-All Tray: Keep a tray in a central place near the door so you're not misplacing your keys, wallet, phone and sunglasses during your hectic schedule.

Catchall decorative tray to collect keys, wallet and sunglasses.

5. Decorative Bar Tray: A stylish cocktail station when entertaining. 

Decorative Bar Tray as a cocktail station when entertaining.

6. Decorative Serving Tray with Handles: Serve food, beverages and cocktails in style.

Decorative Serving Tray for beverages when entertaining.

7. Vanity or Bathroom Tray: Keep your make up and beauty products organized.

Decorative Vanity Tray for make up and beauty products.

8. Desk Tray: Keep your workspace neat with a pretty tray.

Decorative Desk Tray for your office or home workspace.

9. Sofa, Bed or Ottoman Tray: When you need a flat surface for coffee, tea, drinks and snacks.

Sofa or Bed Tray when you need a flat surface for drinks and snacks.

 10. Bedside Table Tray: Place your bedtime necessities neatly in a tray so finding them is easy in dim lighting.

Bedside Table Tray for reading glasses, books, lip balm, headphones, phone and more.




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