Black Silk Skinny Scarf for Men and Women

10 Chic Ways to Wear a Skinny Scarf

Spring and Fall catwalks featured skinny scarves, the latest comeback in neckwear for both men and women.

The popularity of this all-gender fashion accessory is its simplicity and extraordinary versatility. The adaptability includes a feminine tie alternative for women and a bowtie that embodies contemporary masculinity for men - as seen on shirts at Saint Laurent Men's Spring 2023 show. They can be sophisticated and seductive or incredibly cool, rock-n-roll as seen at Celine Women's Fall 2023 show. Simply put, they are an undeniably chic must-have for your wardrobe and has a wide range of skinny scarves in modern hues, patterns and fabrics. Shop skinny scarves by REUVEN starting at $38. 

Here are 10 ways to wear the versatile skinny scarf (aka pussybow, scarftie and twilly scarf).


1. Skinny Scarf Bow 
Black Silk Skinny Scarf Pussybow, Unisex for Men and Women
2. Skinny Scarf Necktie
Unisex Black Skinny Scarf Necktie for Men and Women
3. Skinny Scarf Loose Necktie
Loose hanging off white skinny scarf neck tie
4. Skinny Scarf Choker
Black Skinny Scarf worn as a choker with a black vest. 
5. Skinny Scarf Layered with Necklaces
Grey snakeskin print chiffon skinny scarf layered with necklaces worn with a vest.
6. Skinny Scarf Bracelet
Floral skinny scarf wrapped around wrist worn as a bracelet.
7. Skinny Scarf Sash Belt
Polka Dot Black Skinny Scarf Sash
8. Skinny Scarf Handbag Embellishment
Leopard Print Skinny Scarf tied to tote bag handle as embellishment. 
9. Skinny Scarf Headband
 Skinny scarf worn as a headband.
10. Skinny Scarf Hair Tie
Ivory skinny scarf worn as a hair tie with ponytail.
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