Kelly Wearstler Inspired Kitchen with Glamorous Emerald Green Jewel Pet Bowls & Mat

Pet Feeding Stations You'll Love | Pet Food Bowls & Mats that Complement Your Decor

In the modern era, where homeowners invest significant time and resources in renovating kitchens and decorating homes, the often-overlooked aspect of creating attractive feeding areas for pets deserves attention. With all the effort put into the design of our living spaces it is equally important to reflect our personal style when considering the feeding spaces for pets, which are often found in the kitchen. The kitchen has long been considered the heart of the home, a space where families gather, share meals, and create lasting memories. In the midst of carefully curated countertops, gleaming appliances, and stylish decor, we strive to enhance the aesthetics and functionality of our kitchens, and it becomes imperative to extend the same consideration to the feeding areas for our four-legged friends.

As pet ownership continues to be an integral part of many households, the need to integrate pet-friendly elements into home decor becomes apparent. Fortunately, creating an attractive feeding area for pets doesn't mean compromising on style. Our beautiful unique custom printed ceramic pet bowls and feeding mats are available in a variety of designs and colors that can seamlessly blend with the overall aesthetic of the home. Many of our pet bowls and mats can be customized with your pets name for a personalized touch to the space.


Modern Kelly Wearstler Style Kitchen with Emerald Green Jewel Pet Bowls & Placemat

 Emerald Green Gemstone Encrusted Pet Bowls & Feeding Mats... Interior Designer Kelly Wearstler Inspired Kitchen

Blue & White Kitchen with Blue & White Chinoiserie Pet Bowls & Feeding Mat

Chinoiserie Blue & White Ginger Jar Pet Bowls & Feeding Mat - Perfect in a Blue & White Kitchen

Modern Tropical Kitchen with Monstera Palm Leaf Pet Bowls & Pet Food MatMalibu Tropical Kitchen: Monstera Palm Leaves Pet Bowls & Feeding Mat

Coastal Kitchen | White Kitchen with Red Accents & Red Coral Pet Bowls and Pet Food Placemat

Coastal Kitchen: White with Red Accents - Red & Pink Coral Pet Bowls & Placemat 

 Minimalist Kitchen with Tropical Trees Mughal Garden Pet Bowls & Pet Food Mat

Modern Kitchen:  Sophisticated Simplicity - Tropical Trees Mughal Garden Pet Bowls & Mat

 Yellow & Black & White Kitchen with Matching Personalized Yellow Dog Bowl & Feeding Mat

 Masculine Meets Cheery Yellow Kitchen:  Personalized Golden Yellow Pet Bowl & Leopard Print Pet Food Mat

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